Frend Track (N Scale Modular Railroading)

This is the official web site for Frend Track modular railroading. Frend Track is a standard for N scale modular railroading that combines the best features of two modern modular standards, Free-moN and Bend Track, into one module.

A Frend Track module is simply a standard Bend Track module with a single track free-mo main line down the middle.

A Frend Track module is a dual standard module that can be utilized at both Bend Track and Free-mo operating sessions since both standards specify a 50" track height. The two systems can also interchange on the same module. When incorporated into a Bend Track set-up the DCC free-mo section is used as a yard to make up trains for the Bend Track main lines (DC or DCC). When incorporated into a free-mo set-up the Bend Track main lines become storage tracks for the locals.

Join the Bend Track group for more information on both formats.

My Frend Track Module

Here is a photo of the current state of my one and only frend track module depicting the fictitious town of Ashland, BC in western Canada. This module has been a part of numerous Bend Track and free-mo layouts over the past few years. Click on the title link above for more information.

The current state of my Frend Track module, Ashland, BC.

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