Wiki Cribbage
© 2017 Wesley Steiner
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Wiki Cribbage
© 2017 Wesley Steiner
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Wiki Cribbage © 2017 #12

(formerly Quick Cribbage)

Challenge your computer to a one-on-one game of Cribbage.

Designed to help you practice and refine your Cribbage skills when a partner isn't available. Teaches you how to count by displaying the points during play and at the end of each hand. Keeps score for you on a traditional crib board display.

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What's New

Minor layout changes to keep the game elements together on wide screens.

Moved the ad, in portrait mode, from the top of the view to under this "What's New" section to keep the table view anchored at the top of the window at all times.

Link buttons at the bottom of the main view that take you directly to sections of interest as well as a sprinkling of links to take you back to the game in progress.

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Click here for the rules of Cribbage or visit my blog for more information.


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Here are some browser tips when playing the game.

Selecting a page "refresh" in your browser will keep the current scores and deal new hands. Note that the scores are only saved after all hands are counted. If you exit the game before finishing the count the scores will not be updated.


Your hand is at the bottom of the screen. Your opponents hand, the computer, is at the top.

Scores are displayed on a traditional style crib board. Your score is the red track and the computer's score is blue (the white track is for 3-handed Crib and is included for decoration only). Scores are also displayed in the red and blue badges on the right.


Cards are dealt automatically when you start a new game. Pressing the hint button (?) will point out your best discards. After discarding a Starter card is chosen automatically at random and displayed at the left.


During play the running total is displayed for you and play points are displayed momentarily for you and your opponent.


During scoring your total hand score is displayed in a yellow button next to your cards. Tapping the button will cycle through each scoring set if you want more detail. Try it out.

Tapping anywhere on the table outside the score button will continue the play.

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On Desktops

For the best experience use the Chrome browser from Google.

On Tablets

Ideal for play on handheld tablets.

Just visit from your browser and your ready to play.

On Smartphones

You can even play on your smartphone.

Wiki Cribbage won't use any of your precious cellular data while playing the game, just once to load it.

Visit from your browser and your ready to play.