Play a round of Bridge against your computer on any device.

No sign-up required, nothing to join, just a quick practice environment when real people aren't available.

This game assumes you already know how to play Bridge. If not click here for more information.


The current score sheet is automatically saved on your device so that you can continue a game later. The score sheet is displayed at startup if there is a game in progress. You can view the score sheet at any time by pressing the # button at the bottom right.

If you don't like the hand you were dealt select your browser's "Refresh" function to deal a new hand.

Tapping the menu button at the top right of the table will open this page in a new tab window so you can always return to your current game by navigating to that tab.


Your hand (SOUTH) is at the bottom of the screen, your partner (NORTH), controlled by the computer, is at the top. By default N/S will be dealt the higher point hands allowing you to play for declarer more often.

The declarer's contract is displayed at the top left as the team (N/S or E/W), the level (1-7), the trump suit (C, D, H, S or N) and the current up (+N) or down (-N) trick count.

Tricks won by the declaring team are collected at the bottom left. Tricks won by the defending team are collected at the bottom right. The cards in the last trick, for each team, can be viewed at anytime by tapping on the pile.


Hand points are calculated as follows.


A player should have more than 12 points to open the bidding and at least 6 points to respond to an opening bid.


Quick Bridge uses a modified Goren bidding system that is similar to the modern Standard American system as outlined in this table.

(☆ = No Trump)
Opening Bids
1 in suit (1)13-234+ trumps
2 in suit (2♠)24+4+ trumps
2☆22-24no singletons
Response to Opening 1 in Suit
raise to 2 in suit (1 2)6-94+ trumps
raise to 3 in suit (1 3)13-164+ trumps
1 in higher suit (1 1♠)6+4+ trumps
2 in higher suit (1 2♠)10+4+ trumps
1☆6-9any distribution
2☆13-16no singletons
Response to Opening 2 in Suit
anything else7+Ace, King and 4+ trumps
Stayman (1☆ 2♣)7+
Blackwood (4☆)
Other Special Bids
2 in suit to 1☆ (1☆ 2)0-66+ trumps
second 2☆ (1 2♣ 2☆)13-15even distribution
second 3☆ (1 2♣ 3☆)19-21even distribution
shutout (open 3)0-127+ trumps, weak hand
opponent overcall8+5+ trumps


When it's your turn to play, drag a card from your hand (or North's hand if dummy) and drop it onto the transparent target area displayed near the center of the table ("S" for South or "N" for North). If you drop it outside the target it will slide back into your hand. This is the computer equivalent of "a card laid is a card played" giving you a chance to reconsider your play before committing.

On Desktops

For the best experience use the Chrome browser from Google.

On Smartphones

You can even play Quick Bridge on your smartphone. It's a little tight depending on your screen size but it is playable and it won't use any of your precious cellular data while playing the game, just once to load.