Welcome to my web site. The Internet makes it possible for anyone and everyone to share their interests, thoughts and creations with the world.

This is my contribution. Enjoy!

A word about Site Certification

Lately you may have heard that some browsers are going to start warning you when a site is deemed "unsafe" because it does not have a Certificate. This is somewhat unfair to small hobby sites like mine that do this for fun. I spend a lot of time and effort to ensure my site is safe and fun to use. I do not want the added burden and cost of certification.

Therefore I wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that my site is 100% safe to surf online, even without a certificate, since I never ask you for personal information or send any data back to the server.

Thanks for your support.

What's NEW!

My suite of popular card games that you can play on any device including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Designed to just pass the time or improve your skills when a partner isn't available. No installation, setup or signup required and I don't ask for any personal information, it's perfectly safe.

A series of card games and casino simulations I have written for all versions of Windows. Refine your skills and practice strategies at your leisure.

Ever wondered how much of your paycheck is really available to spend frivolously. My Cashflow is a free Windows application that actually makes it fun to find out.

Links to my interest in Astronomy and space exploration including my own take on the historical discovery record for common astronomical objects.

Links to my interests in HO and N scale model railroading that includes module construction techniques, photos, tools, software and more.

Links to utility software I have developed, my resume and other interests as a professional software developer.